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Erasmus +, Project in Turkey – Back to the Roots, Back to the Future

Autor: Vesna Tomić, 29. 7. 2021.

In the morning on the 8th February we started our journey to Turkey. Although, we had to wake up very early, the ride to Belgrade from Djakovo was exceptionally nice. First, we flew from Belgrade to Istanbul and then from Istanbul to Konya. In the bus that we were riding on to Karaman, our destination, we met the Romanian team. In Karaman, our hosts waited for us and they took us to their homes where we met their parents and siblings. The host families were very nice and welcoming they made us feel like we are at home.

The next morning we headed to the school our hosts go to, the minibus took us there and it only costs 2 TL (which is about 2 kn) to go anywhere in Karaman. At their school we held our presentation and the teams from other countries as well.  After, we were taken to the city center because we were supposed to explore Karaman.

On Monday we had a chance to work with a 3D printer and learn all kinds of new stuff about how they work and what they can be used for. Moreover, we tried different types of Turkish traditional food and we really enjoyed. Afterwards, we got going to the most popular Karaman destinations like The Tartan House and the Aktekke Mosque. By that time, we were already good friends with the other students. Later on, we had all gone to a café.

It was already Tuesday and we were on our way to Cappadocia. In fact, we bonded really well with our fellow students because of our shared irritation towards our local tourist guide. Even though it was snowing heavily and our feet turned blue, the tourist guide made us walk around Cappadocia for many hours. Not to make you think that we did not like Cappadocia, it was magnificent and extraordinary beautiful.

The following day we headed to Konya (the biggest city in Turkey) where we saw the most significant landmarks. We were also taken to the shopping mall where we had enough free time to enjoy ourselves in even more Turkish food and chai.

The last day came and it hit us so hard we were all devastated. The main reason of our sorrow laid in the fact that we all got so close and we all became such good friends. It was so hard to say goodbye that most of us cried. In conclusion, it was a very eventful and edifying trip.

Iva Gunić, Franka Pišl (3.a)

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